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At the Law Offices of Alan J. Braverman, P.A., our Fort Lauderdale, and Boynton Beach family law attorneys pride ourselves in providing our clients with professional, quality legal representation. Since 1978, we’ve served the individuals of Fort Lauderdale and Boynton Beach, Florida, and the surrounding communities. We are a compassionate family law firm, dedicated to our clients and the issues they are facing. Our goal is to attain positive outcomes through teamwork, and the development of effective legal strategies.

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Whether you are going through a divorce, or need assistance with a family law-related issue, we can help. Family law encompasses a number of various issues. Though divorce is the most recognizable type of case, family law encompasses child custody and support, as well as child support and parental rights.

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Divorce – The divorce process is never easy. Aside from the dissolution of marriage, there are often disputes about property distribution and spousal support. Additionally, if children are involved, there are issues of custody and child support for consideration. The possible intricacies and difficulties of a divorce matter make legal representation advisable. Let our Fort Lauderdale family law attorneys help you protect your rights and interests as you forge ahead with your new life.

Child custody – In most situations, it is valuable for a child to maintain her relationship with her mother and her father. However, conflicts between the parents may impede the creation of a mutually agreeable child custody and visitation plan. When this is the case, the court steps in to make necessary decisions. We understand that you want the best for your child. We also understand your desire to secure an adequate amount of custody and parenting time. We can help you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Child support – Having the financial resources to care for your child is important. However, sometimes the money just isn’t there. The financial responsibility of raising a child should be taken on by both parents. When one parent abandons this responsibility, the child is left to suffer if resources are not available. If you are a struggling single parent, there are child support options, and we’ll help you find them.

Paternity – Before a mother can obtain financial support from her child’s father, and before a father can secure parenting time with his child, paternity must be established. There are various ways to determine paternity, but this can be a simple action if you have the right legal representation.

Alimony – Wondering if you will receive alimony once your divorce has been finalized? We’ll take you through the process and explain the different types you could be eligible to receive. The granting of alimony is dependent on necessity and the court uses an extensive list of factors when making a determination. We can make sure that you present your argument in the light that best promotes your interests.

Relocation – When there is a custody order in place, both parents are prevented from relocating with the children without the permission of the court. If the issue cannot be resolved between parents, the court may intervene to make the decision for you. Before you or your ex-spouse relocates with your child, you must first obtain permission from the court. As with the custody determination, the court will use a best interest of the child standard when deciding how to handle the relocation.

Modifications – People and circumstances change. For this reason, the court allows you to seek modifications of custody and support orders. A child support modification is possibly appropriate if the supporting spouse loses his job. A court determination that initially spoke to the interests of the children may not do so the following year. Changes to custody generally allow for a modification of child support. Because people and circumstances change, modifications to existing child support and alimony orders are often necessary. We’ll help you to determine if a modification can be made in your case.

Dependency actions – These matters involve situations where the state is threatening your parental rights, or if they have already taken your children from your home. This usually arises out of allegations of neglect, abuse or lack of adequate care. The consequences of these matters can prove serious for you and your entire children. Make sure to secure an aggressive dependency attorney who will fight to protect your children.

Domestic violence – Domestic violence is a serious issue, with potentially lasting effects. While your safety is the most important aspect, there may also be family law related issues at play, such as divorce or custody. The presence of domestic violence within the relationship can affect other family law matters. Whether you are a victim or believe you have been falsely accused, we will work to protect your rights and interests.

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Alan is one of the most respected family law attorneys in South Florida. He handled a case for a close personal friend and did such a great job that I wanted to let the world know what a great man he is. If you need a family law attorney and you live in South Florida call Alan. Joe Harvey
Here is my experience with Alan Braverman. He is one of the finest lawyers I have ever worked with; I currently share office space with Mr. Braverman. He is a brilliant and thorough attorney. I met him as a new attorney doing family.....His experience and willingness to share his time with me has made me a better lawyer. I will always be grateful to him for the wisdom he has shared. His work ethic is incredible. His clients LOVE him because he gets great results. Katherine Corrigan
When I filed for divorce, I was very distraught and wasn't sure where to even find a reputable attorney. A friend recommended Alan Braverman. Mr. Braverman was wonderful throughout my divorce! Very attentive and understanding. The process was quick and painless, and beneficial too! Would recommend him to anyone going through a divorce. Justine Luzzi