7 Steps You Need to Take Immediately After You Have Been Falsely Accused of Child Abuse

Falsely accused of child abuse, what do you do? You aren’t considered innocent until guilty. Do-gooders can have an over active imagination and connect dots where there aren’t any. People don’t always have all the information and tend to draw wrong conclusions. During a divorce, child abuse allegations tend to crop up. An experienced… Read More »

5 Situations When You Can File For Child Support Modification

When are you allowed to file for child support modification? What changes in your situation are important and relevant enough to make a change in your support? It’s important for both parents to be aware of when they can change their support. According to the law, if there is a huge change in circumstances,… Read More »

The Facts About Contested Divorce in Florida

What is a “Contested Divorce?” Read on and we will give you all the information you need to know! It’s The Little Things Relationships can be tricky because they all require effort. Friendships and romantic relationships alike need some level of compromise. Their success or failure will affect everyone involved. In a perfect world,… Read More »

Divorce and Children – 5 Ways to Make Things Easier

Going through a divorce is a challenging process for all involved. But while the spouses are arguing and fighting to “win” the divorce, children get swept to the side. This is tragic because divorce is incredibly difficult and confusing for a child. Often, Kids are torn between both parents. Divorce and children are never… Read More »

6 Steps to a Smoother Divorce

It is a mistake to think that a divorce has to be a long, contentious, or combative process. The reality is that you have a lot of control over how your divorce proceeds. And with some preparation and planning, you can avoid the issues that turn a divorce into a war rather than a… Read More »

5 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

Why should you hire a divorce attorney in Fort Lauderdale? Here are five good reasons: You Need Help with Marital and Family Law Unless you are also a divorce attorney in Fort Lauderdale, you probably have little experience or understanding of the state laws that will affect your divorce. A lawyer can help you… Read More »

When Should I Hire a Divorce Attorney?

A Fort Lauderdale divorce attorney is the single best asset you can have as you go through the divorce process. Splitting up a marriage can be a complicated and confusing time. And the out-sized emotions involved only make clear thinking a bigger challenge. Learn when you should hire a Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer so… Read More »

Important Advice from a Fort Lauderdale Restraining Order Attorney

If you have a had a restraining order filed against you, there are probably a lot of complex and confusing emotions running through your head. That is totally understandable, but you need to try to keep calm and rational. As a Fort Lauderdale restraining order attorney, I understand how much is on the line… Read More »

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Mediation Lawyer

If you and your partner are considering or planning to split up, a Fort Lauderdale divorce mediation lawyer could be exactly what you need to ensure the process runs smoothly and effectively. There are a lot of benefits to pursuing mediation rather than going through the courts. And in many cases, both the couple… Read More »

Fort Lauderdale Divorce Laws

Divorce is a complicated and contentious process. That is why general Fort Lauderdale divorce laws have been established. In order to help parties that may be fighting viciously to come to an agreement over matters of property and family, these laws are very explicit about how the parties should proceed. If you are involved… Read More »