What Happens with Pets During a Divorce

Getting a divorce is never easy and even less so when children are involved. Deciding who gets custody rights, dividing property, and financial disputes are all common decisions that need to be made. However, what about some of the more uncommon choices? What happens if your “child” is a fur-baby? Who gets custody over… Read More »

Co Parenting After a Divorce: Everything You Need to Know

While no one wishes to ever get divorced, divorces still happen all of the time. Divorces exist commonly in the United States for plenty of reasons. Perhaps a couple married too soon. Maybe circumstances came up that were unpredictable at the start. Regardless, there is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to… Read More »

Can Filing First Positively Affect Your Divorce Proceedings?

Filing First and You In any divorce, who filed first makes a significant difference in the court of opinion. People like to see who filed first to determine little bits and pieces of the relationship. However, outside of the scope of what people think, who filed the papers first in a divorce means a… Read More »

Top Five Ways Social Media Can Hurt or Help Your Child Custody Case

Social media owns people’s lives from young to old ages. Staying off of social media now works the same as asking someone to stay away from candy. People want social media time because it allows them to say whatever comes to their minds. Be it good or bad, people blast out to the world… Read More »

6 Dos and Dont’s About What Should You Avoid Posting on Social Media During a Divorce

 Everyone uses social media, companies and individuals alike. It’s a moment of time captured in an image or a sentence. For some, it’s become second nature. We are in the twenty-first century, after all, most of what we do involves technology in one form or another. For some people its second nature, and impossible… Read More »

Divorce Statistics: Who is Most Likely to Get Divorced?

No one wishes for divorce following their marriages. Still, divorce remains a common practice. Plenty of people who never believed they would get divorced end up requiring a divorce. Plenty of circumstances exist to make this true. However strong a marriage may seem, divorce demands understanding as a concern. It occurs often enough in society… Read More »

7 Steps You Need to Take Immediately After You Have Been Falsely Accused of Child Abuse

Falsely accused of child abuse, what do you do? You aren’t considered innocent until guilty. Do-gooders can have an over active imagination and connect dots where there aren’t any. People don’t always have all the information and tend to draw wrong conclusions. During a divorce, child abuse allegations tend to crop up. An experienced… Read More »

5 Situations When You Can File For Child Support Modification

When are you allowed to file for child support modification? What changes in your situation are important and relevant enough to make a change in your support? It’s important for both parents to be aware of when they can change their support. According to the law, if there is a huge change in circumstances,… Read More »

The Facts About Contested Divorce in Florida

What is a “Contested Divorce?” Read on and we will give you all the information you need to know! It’s The Little Things Relationships can be tricky because they all require effort. Friendships and romantic relationships alike need some level of compromise. Their success or failure will affect everyone involved. In a perfect world,… Read More »

Divorce and Children – 5 Ways to Make Things Easier

Going through a divorce is a challenging process for all involved. But while the spouses are arguing and fighting to “win” the divorce, children get swept to the side. This is tragic because divorce is incredibly difficult and confusing for a child. Often, Kids are torn between both parents. Divorce and children are never… Read More »